Moving one’s home is one of life’s biggest changes. Whether you need help with specific tasks related to your move, or you are looking for a trusted partner to help you through the entire experience, ResettleMe offers efficient, trustworthy, and friendly support with a wide range of tasks.


Planning and Preparing for Your Move

Don’t let your upcoming move take over your life! During the weeks or months leading up to the big day, you and those who love you can enjoy the sense of relief that comes from having a workable plan and capable help in carrying it out.

Prepare a Move Plan

We can prepare and maintain a schedule of key events based on your desired move time frame and the availability of your new residence. To help pace your decision-making and move-related activities, we can suggest interim goals and preparation tasks. Enjoy the sense of relief  that comes from knowing what to expect and how to get everything done!

Develop Floor Plans

Using a floor layout and measurements of your new home, we can help you visualize the arrangement of your future living space in order to decide which furniture pieces to take with you or possibly replace.

Help Sort Belongings

We can help you prioritize and document the belongings that will be part of your new lifestyle. Working in multiple sessions designed to minimize your fatigue, we will help you go through the contents of your home, including your kitchen cabinets, your closets, your garage and your basement to decide what to keep, gift to family, sell, donate, or discard. We can also help you organize your important paperwork and pictures for easy reference.

Find Homes for Unwanted Items

As you decide to part with items in your home, we can arrange for the appropriate disposition. This includes making arrangements for:

  • shipment to family members
  • third-party consignment, estate, or online auction sales
  • documentation and delivery or pickup of donations
  • secure shredding of confidential papers
  • trash removal

Coordinating Your Move

Assist with Mover Selection

For the actual loading, transporting, and unloading of your household goods, we can coordinate the collection of up to 3 competitive bids from highly-rated moving companies for your evaluation.


Working from your Move Plan to minimize the disruption to your daily routine and the accessibility of your living space, an expert ResettleMe team can carefully and efficiently pack the items coming with you to your new home, generally within hours of the arrival of the movers. This packing is done in a way that streamlines the unpacking process.

Oversee Loading and Unloading

We can make it possible for you to enjoy spending relaxing time with friends or family on the day of your move. A ResettleMe Move Manager will be on site while the movers work to represent your interests and make sure everything goes smoothly. In your new residence, we can inspect for damage and ensure that furniture is placed according to your final floor layout, with any disassembled pieces properly reassembled.

Organizing Your New Home

Unpack and Organize

The same ResettleMe team that packed your belongings can unpack and remove containers and packing materials. We can stock your kitchen, put away your clothes, make your bed, and hook up your television and your computer.  We can hang pictures and curtains. When you arrive we will provide you with a tour and make any adjustments you wish. Our goal with this service is to allow you to enjoy your new home from the first moment you walk in your door.

Pay a Follow-up Visit

We will provide a courtesy visit within one week after your move-in to help locate anything you may have trouble finding and make any desired rearrangements.

Assist with Changes of Address

We can help you make sure that appropriate notices of your new address are sent, so that you maintain your important life connections.

Preparing Your Property for Sale

When your move involves the sale of a house, ResettleMe can help you with many of the necessary arrangements for as prompt and profitable a sale as possible.

Arrange Minor Repairs

Whether it’s helping to get your house “show-ready” or fixing items found on a home inspection, we can arrange for third party painters and handymen to tend to minor repairs.

Stage for Showing

Just before listing your home with a realtor, we can help make your home more attractive to potential buyers by “de-personalizing” your home and arranging furniture and accessories to make rooms look as spacious as possible and to accent the best features of your property.

Perform Final Clean

After you leave your old home, we can ensure that the house is empty, clean, and ready for its new owners to take possession.